Health & Fitness Programs For Individuals

Health & Fitness Programs Designed For Teams and Groups

Sports Team Programs

Be exposed to the steps it takes to be in exceptional health and top physical shape at an early age. We offer specialized age appropriate and physical activity level programs focusing on health

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Corporate Programs

The Health Institute (THI) is a group of health care specialist focused on promoting the groundwork for a healthy  lifestyle for all Canadians via preventative manual therapy, physical activity, balanced wholesome nutrition and mental wellness.

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Fitness Classes

THI Fitness Boot Camp is a group exercise program for males and females of all ages. The training sessions are 1 hour in length and consist of :

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Hi my name is Mathias “Matthew”. I am a CanFitPro PTS since 2009 and I am one of the Health Coaches at The Health Institute. My personal training journey really only started when I took on a part-time job as the marketing director at an interactive gym in Vaughan under a talented off ice conditioning…

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