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The Health Institute (THI) is a group of health care specialist focused on promoting the groundwork for a healthy  lifestyle for all Canadians via preventative manual therapy, physical activity, balanced wholesome nutrition and mental wellness.

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THI Fitness Boot Camp is a group exercise program for males and females of all ages. The training sessions are 1 hour in length and consist of :

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Success Stories

Dr.Joel is exceptionally well at his job. Himself and his team are great in their field of work. They are very friendly and listen to your concerns and really help you feel better. I highly recommend Dr. Joel and his team. I am really Glad to have them helping me. Keep up the excellent work guys!

Elle Mural

A significant weight gain really had me feeling down, and a close friend referred me to Dr Joel Kerr at The Health Institute. I've never been athletic, and had never really worked out before, so I was extremely nervous about the journey I was about to embark on. Dr J was very understanding, patient, and was able to work with me to develop a personal training program based on my needs and skill level. Within just a few sessions I was already starting to feel stronger, healthier, more motivated, and regained my confidence. I loved my time at THI and would definitely recommend! :)

Tiffany Stewart

A 'side line' injury can stall a student athlete, both physically and mentally. Functional Movement Assessment, care of injury, road to recovery exercise and athletic mindset are just some of the wonderful gifts THI has in its arsenal to help. What I found most amazing when I took my son to see Dr. J, Augustine and the team, was not only the expertise and knowledge of care but also the diversity of people in the gym. There were athletes of all ages, abilities and sport. There were non athletes simply working towards personal goals - so inspiring. But most of all there was a staff so focused to support - so positive - with smiles, laughter and words of encouragement. Felt like family the first day we walked in. They care - truly they do. This support was pivotal in my son's recovery. He has returned to the game as a result of working with Dr. J and the team at THI. Thanks team.

Lisa Francolini

The health institute is a very great program that I have luckily got to be in. Through the years I was not the most athletic player around and even the strongest. The way this program has developed me is incredible through the way they train & the hard work they put into me. When I first came they could have easily quit on me but they cared about my success and wanted to see me succeed. They have taught me how to work hard to help make your dreams a reality and not to quit when things get tough. They have made me a very strong athlete. I have recommended this to many friends and family. If anybody is questioning whether they should join. Please do not think twice. To be truly honest I have not had any problems when I go there.

Shae Brown

Amazing. All around. Great service and exceptional treatment. Dr. Kerr covers everything from diagnosing my pain, getting rid of it and then making it stronger so it doesn't happen again. And you can feel that he genuinely cares about his patients and the community.

David Torrance

Dr. Joel Kerr and The Health Institute are very knowledgeable about many different areas especially physic from injuries and how to the prevent injuries. This past summer I experienced a torn hamstring and not only were they able to treat and repair quickly, but unlike most cases of hamstring tears, it no longer affects my mobility! They work with you on a professional but friendly level which makes it a more comfortable place for any of your needs!

Sheldon Cassimy

I was recommended by a friend to take my son, who was experiencing lower back pain, to see Dr. J. I'm a "chiropractor skeptic" and I was hesitant to begin a 'chiropractic cycle' for my son at such a young age. After meeting with Dr. J. , I can honestly say that he is unlike a typical chiropractor. His facility has a wide range of treatments based on individual treatment needs. Dr. J. is professional and down to earth with all of his clients, irregardless of their ages. One of the best recommendations to date. Thank you for taking care of my son😏

Lisa Natasha

As a pro athlete The health institute is by far the best gym for me to attend. They have everything you need under one roof from hands on training, massage therapy and a chiropractor. Not only that, but they are even better for none athletes. They pay close attention to details with every work out session and give proper nutrition advice. They will have you in the best shape of your life.

Mike fraser

Dr. J is the best at what he does, he brings energy & a smile to work everyday. He tries to get to know his patients & makes sure they are comfortable. It's somewhere I love going.

MiKyle McIntosh

The journey was tough. I had many excuses before I came to The Health institute not to care for my body. Their professionalism and determination to walk along side me, to help me focus and gain a foundation to continue on road to a healthier living was outstanding and genuine. I'm very grateful to have had this opportunity. Thank you!
Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.” – John Wooden

Tom Cabral

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