Arman Golizadeh B.A


Arman Golizadeh

Arman Golizadeh earned his B.A in the Kinesiology Specialized Honours program at York University. . Arman’s approach to health is to be a living example of the best version of you, always strive to reach that state and perfect it. He Incorporates scientific knowledge as well as knowledge gained through own experiences as a trainer/athlete, ultimately sub merging the theoretical and practical application of training and most importantly a healthy lifestyle. Arman’s passion for training and growing stronger not just physically but mentally as well combines a scientific and philosophical approach to training. Working as a trainer he has worked with a wide range of people from diabetics and cancer patients, pre and post-surgery, and athletes of all ages, particularly at the grassroots level.

“Get out of your head and get into your body”

For the promotion of Health, Fitness and well being.

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