Atilla Kurila NSCA CPT FMS



Atilla Kurila

Strength & Conditioning Coach At The Health Institute


Atilla is a nationaly recognized strength & conditioning specialist and one of our leading trainers at The Health Institute. With 15 years of mixed martial arts experience Atilla has enjoys bringing in aspects of Muay Thai, Brazialian Jiu Jitsu, and boxing into the Facility. He says “living an active life and being able to help others” is why he enjoys working at The Health Institute every day. Atilla has competed in various sports such as rugby,

European handball, soccer, and martial arts for over 13 years bringing a diverse coaching education to The Health Institute. After being mentored by the his coaches from a young age and now Dr. Joel Kerr, Atilla has become an elite level coach and high performance trainer. Atilla’s experience as a strength and conditioning coach improved his ability to create and tailor programs to equip you with the tools to move your body in functional, powerful, and efficient ways. His focus to detail on understanding biomechanics and the functional movement of the human body is often why you will see him conducting (FMS) assessments. This line of work has taught him that there is nothing more satisfying then helping someone achieves their goals in life. I preach hard work and dedication. There are no short cuts, just satisfaction knowing you’re doing it right and improving your quality of life.

For the promotion of Health, Fitness and well being.

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