Atilla Kurila, Canfitpro PTS NSCA PTS, Diploma in Fitness assessment and development. Health and Wellness



Atilla Kurila

Personal Training specialist, Health Coach, Kettle bell coach, Martial arts instructor, RMT student, Chef


Atilla is a Personal Trainer, health coach and soon to be a registered massage therapist. Addicted to education and skill acquisition in a real good way. He has knowledge in many fitness modalities including Kettlebells, Olympic lifts, Suspension training, Yoga ball, Track and field, collegiate sports and Fitness assessment and development.

His background in martial arts and amateur competition gives him great insight into what it takes to be a in tip top form. Mentally and physically because in his philosophy there should be no gaps in your mental and physical game.
He is a trainer that likes to take people apart and put them back together. He has a deep belief in training for life and for all occasions, not just sports. Training smart and training hard not the other way around. He enjoys pushing people to their limits and loves to help clients see just how powerful they really are. Atilla works well with young children, woman and has an amazing record with weight loss patients.

For the promotion of Health, Fitness and well being.

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