Do you find yourself reaching for the pain medication once a month when your menstrual cycle rolls around? Many women suffer from some form of discomfort caused by their monthly menstruation. Studies show that up to 40% of women experience symptoms that effect their daily activity, while up to 75% of menstruating women experience some kind of premenstrual syndrome symptom in general. The most common symptom of menstruation is what is known as Dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea better known as stomach cramps occurs immediately before or during the menstrual period, it’s caused by an increase in hormones that promote uterine contraction, giving off the feeling of stomach or pelvis cramps. Other premenstrual syndrome symptoms also include headaches, back pain, pelvis pain and fatigue.

While we’ve come to accept pain and discomfort as part of our cycle there are better options in how we relieve these symptoms than pain medications. Drugs like Tylenol, Advil and Midol for long have been our go to for symptom relief. While these can be effective when taken as prescribed, there can be negative side effects as well. For example, NSAIDs such as Advil can actually increase menstrual bleeding and prolonged use can result in gastrointestinal issues. The good news is that there are alternatives out there to help alleviate the discomfort of menstruation (check out our previous blogs on Natural pain remedies and Yoga for menstrual pain).

As a female that deals with menstrual pain and a Chiropractor, I love being able to provide women with safe, effective and drug free relief from their menstrual pain. Many women have already discovered the wonders that chiropractic care can have on their monthly pain. Everyday more women are putting down the pain medication and opting for a more holistic approach. Studies have shown that chiropractic care results in similar effects as pain medication by stimulating the body’s pain modulating system. Treatment combines spinal and pelvis adjustments and mobilizations to joints that can become tender and restricted. Soft tissue therapy and gentle stretching help to alleviate tension in surrounding musculature and low frequency electro-acupuncture provides an analgesic effect to help manage pain. So if you or a female you know is suffering from pain caused by menstruation give chiropractic care a try, it’s proven to be a safe and effective alternative to medication.

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