Patient: Ahilan gopalakrishnan, 28, IT

Initial Complaint: low back pain, recovery from Discectomy

Diagnosis: pain stemming from Discectomy two years ago. Discectomy is surgery to remove a herniated disc material that is pressing on a nerve.

Treatment (Rehab) Plan:
Priority ranking
1. Core strengthening
2. Teaching proper bending/lifting/squatting mechanics
3. Postural awareness,
4. Soft tissue release (stretching, manual therapy)
5. General conditioning and weight loss
6. Nutrition/lifestyle changes

Frequency of Treatment: 2x per week 8 weeks

Highlights of the plan:

-Low back pain completely gone when active. Only returns during bouts of long sitting days with minimal rest, and extended periods of not exercising.
-Lost 25lbs in 6 months
-Went back packing through Europe pain free 3 months after initial visit
-Continues to come in regularly to exercise and always aiming to increase intensity
-Exercise has become a consistent part of his life
-Goals to compete in Tough Mudder style obstacle course this summer
-Developed good eating habits is easily maintaining weight lost.
The dead bug is a great core exercise that targets and strengthens the abdominal wall. This also helps to improve core strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.

The goal for Ahilan is to gain control and coordination of the spine and pelvis while the core is engaged the whole time.

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