Guisa Ahmed, BPHE, RMT, CK, CPT


Guisa Ahmed


Guisa Ahmed received his Bachelor of Physical & Health Education at the University of Toronto. He is currently one of our lead therapists and personal trainers. Guisa uses his education and experience to play an integral role in many aspects of clinical care, rehabilitation, weight management, and health education in the areas of sport,recreation, work and exercise. Mr. Ahmed strongly believes that customized programs and human connection and are the most
important factors to achieving optimal physical health and mental well-being.

In addition to his clinical role, Guisa is our lead community liaise for our outreach and charity initiatives. Being a part of such a diverse multidisciplinary setting here at The Health Institute, has equipped Guisa to be an exceptional team player. Over time a unique set of skills and experiences rooting from working directly with various practitioners has proven to be essential in this role.Understanding each respective practice and how they all individually approach health and well-being is one of his strongest set of skills.It has undoubtedly proven to work in synergy with any initiative that require education, patient and community care at its forefront.

“The road to a healthy lifestyle usually starts with being sick and tired of being sick and tired”

For the promotion of Health, Fitness and well being.

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