Michelle Ngai

Email: admin@thehealthinstitute.ca

Michelle Ngai

Director of Client Happiness


Michelle is the Director of Client Happiness at The Health Institute . Her role and title at THI is very self explanatory. She will happily schedule client appointments: initial ones, subsequent ones and treatment plans lasting up to 3 months. In addition to making clients happy by booking their appointments, Michelle gladly reviews extended health care benefit plans with prospective clients and she handles all administrative duties at THI. Michelle’s previous work experience was in customer service and this has helped her significantly with being able to connect and maintain a fun but professional relationship with client and staff. #TeamTHI affectionately nicknames her THE GATEKEEPER to the schedule as all client bookings happily go through her. Michelle is able to assume the role of Director of Client Happiness because of her very meticulous, organized, and detailed personal and professional characteristics. These skills are an asset on busy clinic days such as on a SuperSaturday or at outreach event assessing over 100 basketball athletes.

Lastly in her own words: “I like to think that I make things flow smoothly here at THI. I happily take on some of the workload and tasks for THI coaches and THI health care practitioners so that they are able to do what they do best and provide our clients with the best care and attention they deserve.”

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