Emotional well being Counselor


Natalie Comrie has been providing therapeutic counselling services to children, teens, adults and families since 2003. Known for her commitment to relationships she strives to create safe and nurturing positive interactions in which individuals can be supported while reaching their full potential.

Natalie provides counselling with an emphasis on self-esteem, attachment issues, relationship problems, communication repair and self-care. Natalie has a diverse set of skills which aid her in varying the treatment to fit the particular person and situation presented. She creates a close, supportive relationship in the counseling setting to assist each person in moving forward through open discussion, developing personal insight, offering workable suggestions and by arming them with the tools needed to make better decisions.

In addition, Natalie teaches a series of workshops and discussion groups birthed from her many years working with parents/caregivers and youths, through her company Ask Donna Marie Counseling (ADM), where she focuses on relationships, empowerment, values and positive interactions. Visit www.askdonnamarie.com for more details on the different workshops and services that ADM provides.

Frequently the work takes her out of the office into either the educational or legal community. Natalie works with school staff and parents to define suitable interventions and communication strategies. As a qualified parenting coordinator, she is most interested in developing a collaborative team with parents and the legal professionals to keep the focus on parenting and children.

Her high energy, positive outlook and diverse skills has led her to provide consultation and training to community agencies, schools, individuals and parenting groups. Natalie is dedicated and focused on working with her community build strong lasting relationships and connections.

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