What is THI’s Personal Training Philosophy?

THI’s training philosophy is based of the Training F.A.D. Principle. This principle is designed to Train YOUR Fitness, YOUR Attitude and YOUR Discipline.

These last two components are the most important aspect when embarking on any exercise program. Having a positive attitude and the right discipline is a recipe for success.

Your Training F.A.D protocol is individualized and customized for you. All training protocols begin with a comprehensive evaluation examining strengths physically with a fitness and body composition assessment and emotionally with via a nutritional and stress questionnaire.

THI’s Personal Training benefits are:

  1. Reduction of body fat
  2. Increase of overall muscle tone
  3. A social avenue to meet new people
  4. Reduction of stress (physical activity is an excellent outlet for day to day stressors)
  5. Overall Improvement of mood and energy level

Why Train using THI’s Training F.A.D Approach VS Other fitness facilities training protocols?

THI health care professional’s knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and therapeutic protocols of mobility (MOVEMENT) and stability (STRENGTH) in the development of THI Training F.A.D. protocol.

During each session, emphasis is put on training ‘the entire body’ with emphasis on:

  1. Strengthening the abdominals
  2. Strengthening the back muscles and pelvic region (glutes)
  3. Increasing the flexibility of the hamstring group and hip muscles (psoas muscle)

THI’s Training FAD approach to exercise will mobilize areas requiring motion and stabilize structures requiring stability. This will re-train the body restoring normal movement patterns, reducing the symptoms of chronic aches & pains and, most importantly prevent the recurring nature of the pain cycle from developing.

Are there long-term benefits of using the THI Training F.A.D. protocols?

THI Training F.A.D. protocol encourages customized and individualized #Healthpushin 25 hours a day, 8 days a week to decreases the incidence of several chronic diseases such as:

  1. cardiovascular disease
  2. diabetes
  3. cancer
  4. hypertension
  5. obesity
  6. depression
  7. osteoporosis

Fitness Assessment

THI provides an extensive fitness assessment evaluating all aspects of your health that are determinant factors in the achievement of your goals. Typical fitness tests usually include weigh-ins and strength tests. However, at THI we also evaluate your emotional (eating habits), mental (stress level) and of physical abilities. Your assessment results will be used to customize your training program using the THI’s Training F.A.D. protocol.

For a FREE TRIAL of THI’s Training F.A.D protocol or for a fitness assessment please contact us to make an appointment today. Please do not forget THI offers an in-home service where WE come to you.


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