Does Massage Therapy hurt?
For the most part no. However, like all forms of manual therapy, there can be discomfort. Depending on your unique goals, Massage Therapy can be uncomfortable when attempting to restructure scars and/or adhesion, or extremely euphoric when releasing tension from overworked muscles. 

What if I am not in pain, can I still benefit from Massage Therapy?
Yes. Many people underestimate the health benefits of simple relaxation. Even though there is always something that can be treated, Massage Therapy can also be used as stress relieving and relaxing tool.

Can I still have Massage Therapy if I am pregnant?
Yes. THI Massage Therapist are specially trained to treat pregnant individuals. Modifications will be made, for example it is contraindicated to massage the abdomen in the first trimester. However, it is completely safe to receive treatment from our specially trained therapist.

Do I need to be undressed to receive Massage Therapy?
No. You dress to your own level of comfort.

Is Massage Therapy covered by insurance plans?
Yes. Most extended health insurance cover Massage Therapy.