Margaret Mansour, 23, Account Manager
Dr. Kerr’s unique combination of education, certifications, knowledge, and most importantly, his passion, make him the ultimate go-to person to get you (and keep you) on the right path to living a healthier lifestyle.

His boot camp classes are like no other – he makes working out fun and exciting! Dr. Kerr pushes you to do your best without making you feel uncomfortable. Between the classes and personalized nutrition sessions, visible results are inevitable no matter what fitness level you are at.

Dr. Kerr has also assisted me with my back pain and headaches. I really appreciated the fact that he had taken the time to go above and beyond the typical chiropractor and get educated and certified in modern techniques such as ART which he was able to use to assist me with my problem.

Collin MacLeod, Entrepreneur
I met Dr J when I was 25 and in some serious help. I had been flying a desk for 3 years and did not transition well from school I ate and drank too much and was not taking care of my core and back and was hardly working out.

Now 2 years later I’m in the best shape I have been in since I was 20 and my back problems are all but a bad memory. Without the good Doc I would still be a fat pig.


Mary Anne, Business Administrator
Although I had absolutely no clue what I was signing up for, I cannot express enough how shocked and pleased I am, after only 6 BOOT CAMP sessions and it’s effect on my mind & body thus far. What particularly motivates me (apart from his exquisite musical choice for each class) is Dr J’s explanation of the hows and whys many of our moves in class are pertinent for not only our muskuloskeletal health, but our posture, support, ease of movement and general optimal health and feeling.

Dr. J, providing such a ‘boot camp’ fitness class alongside your chiropractic services,
seems to be such a natural fit for you! It makes for an informative, educational,
disciplined and focused training session.

Leslie Hillyard, 27, Accountant (Figure Skater, Figure Skating Coach)
Dr. J completely changed my life. Having taken his Training F.A.D. Boot Camp in the fall of 2007, which I thought would be a one-time occurrence, I found myself coming back for 8 more Training F.A.D. Boot Camps. I become the strongest and most fit I had ever been in my life. I then started seeing Dr. Kerr as a chiropractor for knee pain and soon came to him for manual therapy and personal training. The personal training was what affected me the most. He has a way of pushing you to exactly where you need to be. He motivated me, encouraged me and celebrated my successes. I started out not able to run 1km, but I’m planning a 10mile run in a few months. I couldn’t do one pushup, but now I can do lots, off my toes! I am now stronger than I have ever been, and I’ve never felt better!

Jane Martin, Lawyer
I trained with Dr. J for about 3 months in a row after a few years of inactivity. It was a huge battle to get myself to the first boot camp session: I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and scared to make a fool of myself. Of course, the experience was quite the opposite. Dr. J’s humour and intelligence make his classes – challenging as they are – a safe and fun space to kick your fitness level up a notch regardless of where you are starting from. It is incredible how much harder you can push yourself when you’re in the hands of someone who believes in you. Thanks Dr. J. – you helped me find my way back to the confidence and self-belief I needed to rediscover the satisfaction and joy of exercise and fitness.


Corey Koffler, 24, Online entertainment ticket distributor
Dr. J thanks for all your help after my knee surgery. With your training, coaching, and motivation, I was able to get back to playing all my favourite sports months before I had expected. Thank you for all your support and guidance through the rehabilitation process. You made what should normally have been a difficult experience into an enjoyable process.- Corey Koffler

Karlene Robertson, Senior Business Analyst for CIBC:
Soccer is the love of my life and I enjoy playing the game, indoor or outdoor it doesn’t matter. I am currently playing on 2 indoor women’s recreational club teams throughout the GTA. I have been playing competitive soccer since I was 10 years old. This past outdoor season I suffered a severe ankle sprain of my left foot and I was required to wear a soft cast. I underwent therapy immediately after the cast was removed but I did not see any improvement of my ankle specifically strength and balance.
I sought the services of Dr. Kerr with his intense Training F.A.D. program and I have seen significant improvement in the strength of both ankles and I can now stand on my left foot for 1 minute without losing my balance and I can even control a soccer ball. I really enjoy the training sessions with Dr. Kerr because he incorporates sport specific exercises; passing and kicking on one leg, dribbling with eyes closed and keep ups with a tennis ball.


Travis Gopal, Owner of TDG Sports International and Squash Player: recommendation of supplements to assist in healing and repair from an elbow injury
I am a competitive, currently ‘C’ level Squash player and have been engaged in some very punctilious but eclectic training over the past year, as I progress to an ‘A’ level in preparation to represent Trinidad & Tobago in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. I am fortunate to be under the exclusive guidance of former Canadian, U.S. and Caribbean champion/#1 Maxim Weithers.

In May, 2006 towards the end of the playing season I developed a fairly serious case of tendonitis in my playing elbow which forced me to cease use of the arm for the summer months. During this period I received frequent Chiropractic and Massage Therapy which much accelerated the healing process. However I found the rehabilitation was not 100 % effective in that I was lacking supplements, vitamins and minerals that were indispensable in seeking a full recovery.

In September 2006 a list of supplements was forwarded to me by Dr. Kerr, that he called a Supplemental cocktail for tissue healing and rehabilitation. I followed the list as recommended using: Liquid Glucosamine, Krill Fish capsules (Omega 3’s) and Multi- Greens GREENS +, along with all the other ingredients while continuing to have the above listed therapies administered to my elbow. After several weeks I experienced great progress with minimal inflammation and pain. By early October I was ready to resume court training and prepare for the new season.

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