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The Health Institute (THI) is a group of health care specialist focused on promoting the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle for all Canadians via preventative manual therapy, physical activity, balanced wholesome nutrition and mental wellness.  Our team is determined to build our clients’ health one step at a time by better bridging their client’s physical and mental wellness and improving their lifestyle choices.  Our customized and multifaceted services that THI offers will improve productivity, health and wellness; enabling employees them to combat and prevent stress, pain and illness free limiting absenteeism.

Injury prevention = Performance Enhancement… in the boardroom, office, court or on the trading floor.

THI Corporate Health Services are designed to:

  1. Encourage Team Building
  2. Increase Productivity
  3. Reduce Stress
  4. Increase Morale
  5. Reduce Absenteeism
  6. Improvement Lifestyle
  7. Reduce Turnover

THI Corporate Health Services Include:

Health Seminars-Lunch and Learn

THI’s Lunch and Learn experience will provide informative, practical and current health topics including fitness and exercise, nutrition/supplements, therapy, therapeutic equipment (such as orthotics), office ergonomics, tobacco cessation and THI’s highly sought after Junk Food Cessation program. Each THI Lunch and Learn will be customized to the needs and demands of the corporation along with a healthy lunch.

THI On-site assessments, Training and Therapy

Our THI health care practitioners will provide comprehensive initial assessments and treatments including acupuncture, chiropractic/ART®, physical therapy, sports therapy, registered massage therapy, training sessions including personal training, group exercise, yoga and Pilates.  Our health care team will also provide nutritional consultation for major meals, snacks and for sport performance. These on-site services will be conveniently offered at your office space.

THI Health Retreats

Establish team building and promote positive morale with THI’s Health Retreats by spending a day or a weekend at our state of the art facility or a facility of your choice, to improve health initiatives (via therapy, training or nutritional consultation) while learning how to excel within your corporation.

***Extended health care plans are accepted***


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