The focal point of THI Therapy is to encourage and improve control of the patients, joints, muscles and nervous system. This is achieved by a multidisciplinary approach with re-education of movement patterns and reinforcement of creating and establishing a regular routine for the patient to perform to start their day, before training or a recreational game of their favourite sport. Our team of THI health care therapists not only provide hands on therapy to facilitate movement but more importantly teach the patient how to facilitate movement that will keep the individual out of the pain cycle with their movement in the highest potential for themselves.



5 Part Assessment

  1. Cognitive Stress Assessment
  2. Nutritional Intake Assessment
  3. Postural Assessment (STATIC)
  4. Functional Movement Screen Assessment (FUNCTIONAL)
  5. Orthopedic Physical Assessment (DYNAMIC)

THI Therapy Includes

For the promotion of Health, Fitness and well being.

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